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I am a journalist, editor, writer, traveler, photographer, and explorer of sorts. My many varied interests—food, travel, health, education, public policy, music, and film—have led me in my pursuits, from taking the time to travel every year to contributing articles (and often photographs) to an array of publications and immersing myself in the subject matter every time.

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Video Interviews

Last summer, the editorial team began shooting video interviews with industry experts. We’re still working out our video production skills, but our interviewees’ insights were fun and fascinating!
Kevin Kelley: Understanding Retail Store Design & Shopping Behavior

Janet Fletcher: Regulatory Challenges for Cheesemakers

View two other parts of this interview: cheese trends and pairing, the growing yogurt category
Francine Segan & David Porat: Behind the Scenes with sofi Awards Judges

2015 Neal Awards Win

My team at Specialty Food Magazine won a 2015 Jesse H. Neal Award for Best News Story for the article “Plight of the Honeybee.” I feel so honored!

The winning article, written by Julie Besonen and edited by SFM editor Denise Purcell, contributing editor Susan Segrest, and myself, delves into the growing honeybee crisis, illustrating the far-reaching impact of colony collapse disorder on the entire food industry, not just fruit and honey.

Two other SFM articles, including one I wrote, were finalists as well. Check out the full list here.

2015 Neal Awards Recognition

Update: Our article “Plight of the Honeybee” won!
I received some exciting news this week: One article I wrote and two I edited for Specialty Food Magazine have been named finalists for the 2015 Jesse H. Neal Awards, which recognizes excellence in B2B editorial. What an honor!

Winners will be revealed at a ceremony in NYC on March 27. It’ll be my first journalism awards event. Looking forward to it!

Profile: The Barlow

Aldridge, a food enthusiast and North Bay native, took inspiration from San Francisco’s Ferry Building and New York’s Chelsea Market, as well as Woodlands Market, a regional specialty grocer, to bring the district to life. ‘I wanted people who cared about making the product, the process, [and] the end result more important than the bottom line,’ he says. Read more …

The GMO Debate

This article is a finalist for a 2015 Folio Eddie Award! Previously, it was also nominated for a 2015 Jesse H. Neal Award.

Three little letters have become the hot-button food issue of the decade. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, have brought forth a surge of impassioned campaigns both for and against their presence in the nation’s food supply. Everyone has an opinion about it—even those who don’t quite understand it. And while conventional channels may still be a few years from being caught up in the heat of the debate, the topic is white hot in specialty foods. Read more …

Factory Tour: Acme Smoked Fish Corp.

Acme Smoked Fish Corp., Brooklyn, NY Acme Smoked Fish Corp., Brooklyn, NY Acme Smoked Fish Corp., Brooklyn, NY

Once deemed the smoked fish capital of the country, Brooklyn, N.Y., has seen a swiftly changing landscape in the past 50 years, from mid-century industrialization to modern-day gentrification. Some historic elements remain—among them, Acme Smoked Fish Corporation, which has grown to become one of the largest smoked-fish producers in the country. Its secret to success: steady evolution, a far-reaching commitment to quality, and embracing its roots and the community in which it resides. Read more …