Profile: The Barlow

Aldridge, a food enthusiast and North Bay native, took inspiration from San Francisco’s Ferry Building and New York’s Chelsea Market, as well as Woodlands Market, a regional specialty grocer, to bring the district to life. ‘I wanted people who cared about making the product, the process, [and] the end result more important than the bottom line,’ he says. Read more …

Specialty Shops of Cologne

Specialty Shops of Cologne, Germany

Owner Philipp Becker opened this franchisee of an international brand when he grew tired of the 9-to-5 work life. In that vein, his business philosophy is fitting: “Creating an atmosphere where the customers could spend their whole day in our store,” he says. Read more …

Anuga 2013: Global Trends

Trends at Anuga Trade Show

Some rising trends span many borders: In the realm of fruits and vegetables, two pieces of produce are gaining recognition for their versatility. Seeking the next big ingredients, some suppliers have gone straight to the source, scouting untapped resources in nature. And from Europe to Asia, numerous countries are declaring their products’ gluten-free status to appeal to the celiac-afflicted, gluten-intolerant and diet-fad followers alike. Read more …