What I Do

development & Grant writing.

Though relatively new to the nonprofit realm, I am establishing myself as a quick writer and reliable editor, working closely and collaboratively with fundraisers to strategize an effective approach to engaging and inspiring funders, from foundations and major donors to corporate and government entities.


News, features, grant proposals, letters, ebooks, and more have landed at my desk for strategic guidance, hefty revisions, and light cleanup. Line editing, copyediting, and proofreading, whether for print or web, consumer or trade,  are all in my editorial toolbox. (Fun fact: I am a fervent advocate of the serial comma.)


Covering topics as varied as food and nutrition, health and medicine, business and public policy, and technology and design, I can craft news articles, features, web copy, communications, calls to action, and more with confidence. Keeping the given audience at top of mind, I love the challenge of turning complex subject matter into palatable, engaging, and actionable content.


Whether I’m scouring government documents for a feature on GMOs or establishing a grants database from scratch for a grassroots community project, meticulous research is a constant partner in all my projects. I devour new information and, admittedly, delight in creating and maintaining spreadsheets with volumes of data.

content strategy.

From big-picture planning to daily management, I’ve been involved in every step of production for print and digital products. I have experience assembling and managing a team of freelancers, shaping and overseeing production schedules, and honing the mission and voice of content-driven projects.

web and social.

A digital native, I know my way around content management systems and social media channels alike. I have experience managing the daily production of news sites, newsletters, and blogs, including categorizing and tagging content, navigating HTML codes, and troubleshooting technical issues. Recognizing the strengths, weaknesses, and nuances of the major social media channels, I have used this knowledge to push content to Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms for maximum reach and impact.


Photography is favorite pastime of mine, particularly during travels. My work has appeared alongside my (and others’) articles. See examples in the Photography content category, or visit my Flickr page.

Want to know more? Find my full resume and experience at LinkedIn.